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ETA Research Publication Database

The Research Publication Database provides access to a collection of research and evaluation reports commissioned by ETA to help guide the workforce investment system in administering effective programs that have, at their core, the goals of enhanced employment opportunity and business. An annotated bibliography that provides a summary of selected research publications ETA has released since 1995 is available here. The summarized publications include research, evaluations and demonstration reports, as well as other papers and sets of policy recommendations.

Please see the"How To Request Copies of Printed Publications" section below to request hard-copy publications. Hard copies, if available, can also be requested from the abstract page of each publication.

15 Most Recent Publications
   ETAOP 2015-01 Adapting to Local Context: Findings from the YouthBuild Evaluation Implementation Study
   ETAOP 2014-05 PILOT STUDY Translating Military Skills to Civilian Employment
   ETAOP 2014-04 Evaluation of the Newark Prisoner Re-entry Initiative Replication : Final Report and Interim Report
   ETAOP 2014-03 Job Corps Process Study
   ETAOP 2014-01 Final Report Evaluation of the STEM Initiative
   ETAOP 2014-02 Mentoring Young Parents: A Guidebook for Programs Helping Youth and Young Parents Navigate a Pathway to Self-Sufficiency
   ETAOP 2013-24 Assessment of the Workforce System's Implementation of the Veterans' Priority of Service Provision of the Jobs for Veterans Act of 2002
   ETAOP 2013-23 Implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Workforce Development and Unemployment Insurance Provisions Final Report
   ETAOP 2013-22 Partners, Networks, and the Economic Context for Generation II and III WIRED Grants: The Second Interim Report of the Evaluation of Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) Generations II and III
   ETAOP 2013-21 Five-Year Research and Evaluation Strategic Plan Program Years 2012-2017
   ETAOP 2013-20 Evaluation of the National Farmworkers Jobs Program (NFJP)
   ETAOP 2013-19 Evaluation of the Aging Worker Initiative: Interim and Final Reports
   ETAOP 2013-18 Implementation Evaluation of the Community-Based Job Training Grant (CBJTG) Program
   ETAOP 2013-17 Rapid Response under WIA: An Evaluation of Management, Services, and Financing
   ETAOP 2013-16 Green Jobs and Health Care Implementation Study Final Report

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