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What Work Requires of Schools

The Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) was asked to examine the demands of the workplace and whether today's young people are capable of meeting those demands. Specifically, the Commission was directed to advise the Secretary on the level of skills required to enter employment. In carrying out this charge, the Commission was asked to:

  • Define the skills needed for employment;
  • Propose acceptable levels of proficiency;
  • Suggest effective ways to assess proficiency; and
  • Develop a dissemination strategy for the nation's schools, businesses, and homes.

This report results from the Commission's discussions and meetings with business owners, public employers, unions, and workers and supervisors in shops, plants, and stores. It builds on the work of six special panels established by the Commission to examine all manner of jobs from manufacturing to government employment. Researchers were also commissioned to conduct lengthy interviews with workers in a wide range of jobs.

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