There have been reports of phone calls made from a Department of Labor phone number (202-693-2700) soliciting personal information and/or promising funds to those receiving the calls. These calls were not authorized by the Department of Labor. ETA and the Department of Labor do not and will not solicit Personally Identifiable Information, such as your Social Security number, or other personal information, over the phone. If you receive a call like this from a number that looks like an ETA phone number, consider it a spam call, hang up, and report the call to the US Department of Labor at 1-855-522-6748.

For more information about how to recognize spam calls, please reference the IRS site about recognizing these imposter calls: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/how-to-know-its-really-the-irs-calling-or-knocking-on-your-door-0

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  Advisories and Memorandums

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3636: MSFW BULLETIN 91-22  (June 12, 1991)
Status: Cancelled
Subject: Electronic Fund Transfer Information.
3637: DINAP BULLETIN 90-29  (March 28, 1991)
Status: Cancelled
Subject: Return of Federal Monies to the Department of Labor
3638: DINAP BULLETIN 90-28  (March 22, 1991)
Status: Cancelled
Subject: New Minimum Wages for JTPA Programs
3639: DINAP BULLETIN 90-24  (March 13, 1991)
Status: Cancelled
Subject: Instructions for Completing the Program Year (PY) 1991 Master Plan (MP), PY 1991 Comprehensive Annual Plan (CAP) and Calendar Year (CY) 1991 Summer Plan (SP).
3640: DINAP BULLETIN 91-23  (March 12, 1991)
Status: Cancelled
Subject: Revised Fourth Edition Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) and User Training
3641: DINAP BULLETIN 91-22  (February 12, 1991)
Status: Cancelled
Subject: Final Instructions and Reporting Requirements for PY 1991
3642: DINAP BULLETIN 90-16  (November 26, 1990)
Status: Cancelled
Subject: Discontinuation of Selective Service System's Toll-Free Registration Information Number, Effective October 1, 1990.
3643: DINAP BULLETIN 90-11  (September 10, 1990)
Status: Cancelled
Subject: Dissemination of office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars and Department of Labor (DOL) Regulations
3644: DINAP BULLETIN 89-37  (May 18, 1990)
Status: Cancelled
Subject: Selective Service Registration Requirements Update
3645: DINAP BULLETIN 89-21  (January 21, 1990)
Status: Cancelled
Subject: The Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act