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Status: Cancelled

Pilot Project Using America's Job Bank in the H-2A Recruitment Process.

To provide instructions for processing and coding New York State (NY) job orders using America's Job Bank (AJB) for recruitment of H-2A workers.


All State Employment Security Agencies


Robert S. Kenyon Acting Administrator for Regional Management


July 14, 1997

Expiration Date
Rescissions:    None
Contact :

Inquiries should be directed to the appropriate Regional Certifying Officer.

Text :
Reference: Title 20 CFR 653.500-3, 29 CFR Part 500, ESPL No. 4-95, FR Vol. 61 No. 96 (MSPA). Background: The National Office has designated NY as the pilot State for using AJB to transmit recruitment information for coded H-2A job opportunities throughout the United States. This project will not alter the legal requirements of the H-2A process, and is expected to provide information on job opportunities to more U.S. workers. As a result of using AJB in the H-2A recruitment process, electronic orders for jobs in NY will instantly be made available to all SESAs. SESAs and local entities with access to either AJB or the INTERNET will have information sufficient for referral to job opportunities resulting from H-2A orders. Unless otherwise indicated (or specifically requested) NY State staff will not routinely provide a hard copy of complete job orders to other States. This pilot project will help establish procedures for using electronic methods to comply with the regulatory recruitment requirements. If this pilot is successful for NY H-2A orders, similar procedures will be extended to all H-2A orders and to all interstate clearance orders. Action Required: State Administrators are requested to inform staff that: a. AJB will be the primary means of informing the ETA system of criteria (H-2A) job opportunities in NY State; b. The attached procedures should be adhered to in responding to NY State H-2A job orders; and c. Since only AJB will be used initially to notify the ES system of NY State H-2A openings, it is essential that local office staff in States which have traditionally received hard copies of the NY orders access AJB on a routine basis, especially during the traditional recruitment period for NY harvest orders (July 1-August 15).

Attachments :
A. Procedures for Interstate Clearance of H-2A Job Orders Utilizing America's Job Bank B. Sample Order C. Codes for H-2A Job Orders D. Code Definitions For a copy of the attachment(s), please contact Deloris Norris of the Office of Regional Management at (202) 219- 5585.

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