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FM 48-94

Status: Canceled

Policy Guidance on Alien Labor Certification Issues

To consolidate and disseminate policy guidance on a variety of recent issues pertaining to alien labor certification.


All Regional Administrators


Barbara Ann Farmer Administrator for Regional Management


May 16, 1994

Expiration Date
May 31, 1994
Rescissions:    None.
Contact :

Direct questions to Patrick Stange on (202) 219-5263.

Text :
References: 20 CFR Parts 655 and 656 and Technical Assistance Guide No. 656. Background: At various times, the Division of Foreign Labor Certifications (DFLC) has distributed copies of memos and letters dealing with recent labor certification issues. These communications serve to provide guidance and direction in critical areas of the program. This FM consolidates policy interpretations which the DFLC has provided to immigration attorneys, employers, and specific Regions over the past year. It is important, therefore, that Regional Office and State agency staff be made aware of determinations on these timely issues so that uniform and consistent policies are followed in every Region. Action Required: Regional Administrators are requested to: A. Provide the attached policy interpretations to appropriate staff. B. Instruct staff to follow these policies, as appropriate, in processing permanent and temporary labor certification applications.

Attachments :
Policy guidance on Alien Labor Certification Issues Involving Nonagricultural Programs To obtain a copy of attachment(s), please contact Deloris Norris of the Office of Regional Management at (202) 219-5585.

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