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Status: Cancelled

Electronic Fund Transfer Information.

To inform grantees of a procedure to be used to draw down Program Year (PY) 1991 funds on the Smartlink Payment Management System.


All Section 402 Grantees


Charles C. Kane Paul A. Mayrand Chief Director Division of Seasonal Office of Special Targeted Farmworker Programs Programs


June 12, 1991

Expiration Date
Rescissions:    None.
Text :
References. Farmworker Bulletin 91-6, "Status Report on the Phase-Out of the TFCS-LOC Network," January 29, 1991; Farmworker Bulletin 90-27, "Phase-Out of the TFCS-LOC Network," August 8, 1990. Background. In March and April 1991, the electronic fund transfer system for all Section 402 grantees was transferred to the Department of Health and Human Service Payment Management System (PMS). Accounts were established for each grantee and communica-tions software and instructions for using the Smartlink procedure were provided. Currently, grantees are drawing PY 1990 funds under this system. Information. In order to facilitate the accounting for funds from different program years, the PMS has established a separate subaccount for PY 1991 funds. Grantees must continue to draw down funds using the current subaccount number for funds to be applied to grant activities in PY 1990. Action. For grant activities in PY 1991, grantees are instructed to draw down PY 1991 funds using a different subaccount number. The subaccount number for PY 1991 funds is: Cxxxx178 where "xxxx" represents the four digit segment of the grant number. A grantee with the grant number 99-1-1234-56-000-02 would draw down PY 1991 funds using the subaccount number C1234178. Note: The four digit segment is underscored here for emphasis only. Grantees should not underscore the subaccount number when using the Smartlink procedure. Effective Date. The new subaccount number will become effective when PY 1991 funds are awarded on or after July 1, 1991. Inquiries. Contact the Federal Representative assigned to your grant.

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