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Status: Cancelled

Findings from the National Agricultural Workers Survey 1990.

To transmit the subject Department of Labor (DOL) publication, subtitled "A Demographic and Employment Profile of Perishable Crop Farm Workers."


All Section 402 and Housing Grantees


Charles C. Kane Paul A. Mayrand Chief Director Division of Seasonal Office of Special Farmworker Programsi Targeted Programs


August 15, 1991

Expiration Date
Rescissions:    None.
Text :
Background. As part of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, Congress mandated that DOL and the Department of Agriculture determine annually whether there is a shortage of Seasonal Agricultural Services workers. In order to fulfill this assignment, DOL began the National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS). NAWS. The survey collected information about the demographics, migration and employment patterns of farmworkers. NAWS is the only survey collecting information for the Federal government on this diverse population. The enclosed copy is the first in a series, although it reports on the second year of NAWS. The volume covering the first year's interviews is forthcoming. A similar report will be produced annually, contingent on continued funding for NAWS. Data collection is now underway for the 1991 survey. Additional Copies. Contact the Federal Representative assigned to your grant.

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For a copy of the attachment, please contact Brenda Tollerson at (202) 219-8502.

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