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Status: Cancelled

Determination of the Replenishment Agricultural Worker (RAW) Number under Section 210A of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

To transmit a Federal Register (FR) notice concerning the subject determination.


All Section 402 Grantees


Charles Kane Paul Mayrand Chief Director Division of Seasonal Office of Special Farmworker Programs Targeted Programs


November 05, 1991

Expiration Date
September 30, 1992.
Rescissions:    None.
Text :
Reference. Farmworker Bulletin (FWB) No. 90-10 (January 25, 1990). Background. Section 303 of Immigration Reform and Control Act amended the INA by adding provisions relating to the control of illegal and legal immigration into the United States. The new Section 210A of the INA provided a system for granting temporary resident alien status to RAWs. The number of RAWs to be admitted (or to acquire the status of lawful admission) is to be jointly determined each Fiscal Year (FY) by the Secretaries of Labor and Agriculture, and will be the smaller of (1) the calculated numerical limitation, and (2) the number determined necessary to meet a shortage of workers to perform seasonal agricultural services (SAS). FWB No. 90-10 transmitted procedures to be used by (1) the Secretaries for the determination of the RAW number, (2) SAS employers for appealing for an increase in the shortage number, and (3) RAWs for petitioning for a decrease in the number of days of work required to maintain their status. Policy. The attached notice announces the determination that the number of workers to be admitted (or have their status adjusted) to meet a shortage of workers to perform SAS during FY 1992 is zero. Action. None required. Inquiries. Contact the Federal Representative assigned to your grant.

Attachments :
Federal Register, vol. 56, p. 49738 (October 1, 1991). For a copy of the attachment, please contact Brenda Tollerson at (202) 219-8502.

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