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Status: Cancelled

Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Applicant Registration with the Selective Service System (SSS)

To provide additional guidance regarding implementation Tf Section 504 of the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA).


All Native American Grantees


PAUL A. MAYRAND HERBERT FELLMAN Director Chief Office of Special Targeted Division of Indian and Native Programs American Programs


March 14, 1984

Expiration Date
Rescissions:    None.
Text :
Reference. DINAP Bulletin 84-2. Background. DINAP Bulletin 84-2 transmitted a guide to assist grantees in developing procedures to implement Section 504 of the JTPA. Paragraph 3 of that bulletin said that research is underway regarding the ramifications of the Jay Treaty and other related questions. The result of this research is in the answer to the first question in Section 4. Information. The following are questions and answers regarding Section 504. Q. Does the Jay Treaty of 1794, an agreement allowing free access and travel across the Canadian-United States border by Canadian and American Indians, exempt some JTPA applicants from complying with Section 504 of the Act? A. Advise your applicants that Canadian Indians residing in the United States and United States Citizens must comply with Section 504 to participate in JTPA programs. Only lawfully admitted non-immigrant aliens pursuant to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 are exempt. if they enter the United States without establishing residence they are not subject to selective service registration. Federal courts consistently have held that subsequent enactment of selective service statutes superseded whatever selective service registration and induction exemption Canadian Indians residing in the United States arguably may have had earlier under the Jay Treaty. Q. Where do grantee applicants go to register with the SSS? A. Advise your applicants to register at their local post office. Q. How can grantees verify, in a timely manner, applicant compliance with Section 504? A. Grantees are advised to use phone verification with the SSS (toll-free hotline-1- 800-621-5388). Within seven days of the phone call, grantees will receive verification by letter from the SSS if applicant has complied with Section 504. The letter will contain applicant's name and SSS number. The letter will be verification of Section 504 compliance until such time as an acknowledgement letter (SSS Form 3) has been received. Q. Are there any other ways to quickly verify applicant compliance with Section 504? A. Yes, the attachment to DINAP Bulletin 84-2 outlines three ways: Self-certification with sample verification; verification of registration prior to enrollment; and enrollment and self-certification followed by universal verification. Q. Does the SSS have a procedure where an applicant can register for the draft at the JTPA office? A. Yes, a successful pilot program in September 1983 in Utah paved the way for a permanent procedure today. A description of this procedure can be found in DINAP Bulletin 84-2. Questions. Contact your DINAP Federal Representative.

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