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Status: Cancelled

Proper Signature on Grant Documents

To inform grantees certain requirements regarding signatures.


All Native American Grantees


HERBERT FELLMAN PAUL A. MAYRAND Chief Director Division of Indian an Native Office of Special Targeted American Programs Programs


May 23, 1988

Expiration Date
Rescissions:    None.
Text :
References. Grant documents are received in DINAP occasionally which do not have proper signatures, owing to a temporary absence of a tribal chairman or other person authorized to sign them. It is important that grant documents be signed only by an individual who has the authority to legally bind an organization to carry out the provisions of the grant. This is normally the tribal chairman, or in the case of non-profit organizations, the executive director. Action. Grantees should review the signatures on all grant documents submitted for PY 1987 and PY 1988, and if any have unauthorized signatures, a letter must be prepared granting authority to the signer. The letter must be signed by the authorizing official and submitted to DINAP. In the future, any time the authorized person cannot sign a document because of temporary absence, etc., he/she must in each case sign and submit with the document a letter authorizing another individual to sign for him. Or, the authorized person may sign a letter designating one or more individuals to sign for him for the duration of the grant or other time period. Questions. Contact you DINAP Federal Representative.

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