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Status: Cancelled

Discontinuation of Selective Service System's Toll-Free Registration Information Number, Effective October 1, 1990.

To advise grantees of the Selective Service System's action to discontinue its toll-free registration information number effective October 1, 1990.


All Native American Grantees


HERBERT FELLMAN PAUL A. MAYRAND Chief Director Division of Indian and Native Office of Special American Programs Targeted Programs


November 26, 1990

Expiration Date
Rescissions:    None.
Text :
References. JTPA, Section 504; DINAP Bulletins 84-2, 84-41, 86-39 and 89-37. Background. Arrangements to implement the Section 504 Selective Service registration prerequisite for participating in JTPA training have been very successful since 1983. The Selective Service System (SSS) has been able to have contact with and register substantial numbers of males 18-26 who might not have previously complied with draft registration required by the Military Selective Service Act (MSSA). In order to make it easier for the JTPA system and other Federally assisted programs to determine whether an applicant for services had complied with registration under the MSSA, Selective Service established a toll-free registration information number (1-800-621-5388) to respond to inquiries. In 1989, the Selective Service received just under 150,000 calls for information placed to this number. During the spring of 1990, call volume had increased to 6,000 - 7,000 per week, according to information provided by the Selective Service. The increasing cost of operating the "800 line" has been of growing concern to the SSS. A decision has been reached by Selective Service headquarters to discontinue this toll-free information number effective the start of the new Federal fiscal year, on October 1, 1990. The 800 line will be replaced by a regular commercial toll-charge line, 1-708-688-6888, which will allow callers to reach the SSS national information bank in its Waukegan, Illinois offices (suburban Chicago). Action. a. In view of the new cost associated with consulting the Selective Service by telephone, grantees should confirm registration status and direct other registration questions to the SSS at its registration information mailing address: Selective Service System Registration Information Office P.O. Box 4638 North Suburban, Illinois 60197-4638 b. The Selective Service has advised the Department of Labor that duplicate registrations are automatically sorted out by its computerized national registration bank, and these do not pose difficulties for the SSS. Up-front registration of all draft-age male applicants will expedite enrollment into JTPA activities, and meet the concerns of those programs which choose 100 percent pre-enrollment verification of each item documenting eligibility to participate in JTPA. Inquiries. Contact your DINAP Federal Representative.

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