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Training and Employment Report of the Secretary of Labor: Covering the Period July 1986 - September 1987 (1990)

Annual Report on Employment and Training Programs, as required by Section 169(d) of the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA), Title 29 U.S.C. Section 1579(d).

Editor's Note: The following synopsis is based on materials extracted from the document. Chapter 1 of the Report discusses the Workforce 2000 Project, a major Department of Labor effort of research, outreach and dialogue, designed to ensure that the work force of the future has the skills and flexibility that jobs of the future will require. The chapter also highlights special initiatives taken by the Department under JTPA during Program Year 1986 to improve the employability of the work force. These interrelated efforts concerned at-risk youth, workplace literacy, dislocated workers, and improved coordination of job-related services. Chapter 1 goes on to summarize accomplishments under the individual titles of JTPA during Program Year 1986. It also reviews developments in other training and employment programs administered by the Department, including the Senior Community Service Employment Program, Apprenticeship, the Employment Service, the Unemployment Insurance Service, and Trade Adjustment Assistance. Chapter 2 of the Report summarizes the results of employment- related research and evaluation projects funded by the Department and completed during Program Year 1986. These projects are concerned with social and economic issues, labor market studies of specific groups of workers, and program development and improvement. The Report also includes a statistical appendix. [Click Here] to View the Complete Report Report in .PDF

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