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Employment and Training for America's Homeless: Final Report on the Job Training for the Homeless Demonstration Program (1998)

Research and Evaluation Report Series 98-A

This final report of the homeless demonstration, covering the results of the demonstration from its inception in September 1988 through November 1995, had a two-fold purpose: to analyze the results of the Job Training for the Homeless Program (JTHDP); and, to draw out lessons learned from the demonstration that can help guide future efforts at providing comprehensive and cost-effective services to address the problem of homelessness in the United States. Although particular emphasis was placed on lessons learned in regard to employment and training services, the report covers a wide spectrum of other types of housing and support services often needed to effectively help homeless individuals and families make the transition from homelessness to self sufficiency. [Click Here] to View the Executive Summary Report in .PDF

[Click Here] to View the Complete Report Report in .PDF

There are 270 pages in this report.


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