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Training and Employment Report of the Secretary of Labor: Covering the Period July 1995 - September 1996 (1998)

Covering the Period July 1995 - Semptember 1996

This edition of the annual Secretary of Labor's report on the activities of Employment and Training Administration (ETA) covers the period July 1993 through September 1995. The report begins with a message from the Secretary of Labor about the Department of Labor's workforce investment agenda for the 1990s. This is followed by Employment and Training Administration administered program description and activity summaries. Programs described are those to help low income youth and adults, including welfare recipients, find jobs leading to economic self-sufficiency and those that provide basic adjustment services and training to help american workers who were permanently laid-off from jobs through no fault of there own find new jobs as quickly as possible. [Click Here] to View the Complete Report Report in .PDF

There are 601 pages in this report.


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