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National Job Corps Study: The Short-Term Impacts of Job Corps on Participants' Employment and Related Outcomes (2000)

This report presents estimates of the short-term impacts of Job Corps on participants' employment and related outcomes during the 30 months after random assignment. The outcome measures for the analysis were obtained from interview data. The report answers three important research questions. How effective is Job Corps overall at improving the employability of disadvantaged participants in the short term? Do Job Corps short-term impacts differ for youths with different characteristics? How effective are the residential and nonresidential components of Job Corps in the short term? The findings presented in this report should be interpreted as short-term program impacts, as the 30-month follow-up period includes a relatively short post enrollment period for some program group members who enrolled in Job Corps. Estimates of longer-term impacts based on 48-month follow-up interviews will be presented in a future report. [Click Here] to View the Executive Summary Report in .PDF

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There are 504 pages in this report.


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