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Teaching the SCANS Competencies (1993)

This report compiles six articles that give education and training practitioners practical suggestions for applying SCANS in classroom and workplace. "SCANS in the Schools" helps educators incorporating SCANS competencies into curricula and instruction; it identifies issues likely to arise and exemplifies incorporation of specific competencies. "Implementing SCANS: First Lessons" highlights 10 examples of State and local efforts to strengthen school-work linkages. "Students Use SCANS to Explore Changing Jobs: Lessons of IndianaPLUS" describes replicable lessons from a Statewide Indiana project where high school seniors assessed skills requirements in local workplaces and communicated the results to other students and throughout their communities.

"Preparing Limited English Proficiency Students for the Workplace" focuses on special issues for educators whose students are first- or second-generation immigrants, and who must teach the SCANS competencies in English and in the context and culture of American workplaces. "Technology and High- Performance Schools: A SCANS Survey" specifies what schools and technology companies would buy if they had $1,000 per student to spend on computer hardware. And "Assessment of the SCANS Competencies: Some Examples" features promising activities and approaches for assessing how well the SCANS competencies are being taught and learned. [Click Here] to View the Complete Report Report in .PDF


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