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The Lifelong Learning Demonstration (2001)

In an effort to test strategies for promoting continuing education and training the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) contracted with Abt Associates Inc. and its subcontractors, Cygnet Associates and Battelle Memorial Institute, to implement and evaluate the Lifelong Learning Demonstration. Abt Associates compiled public used data from 1990-1998 to test the impact of informational mailings on continued education and training for workers over age 25 in the Baltimore area. The study was conducted from1996-1998. The participants were selected in May of 1996 and randomly assigned to either the treatment group or control group. The treatment group received brochures containing information about financial aid and listing benefits of continuing education and job training. Participants could easily request more detailed information about financial aid and request more detailed information about specific schools, programs, and occupational opportunities. The demonstration then examined the impact of these informational brochures on enrollment, credits earned, and financial aid received. With the cooperation and assistance of DOL, the Upjohn Institute has created the Employment Research data Center as the repository of many past and future research and evaluation projects conducted by the DOL. Data from this and other projects and final reports are offered on CD-ROM for a cost of $25 per project. Other titles currently available are: ¿Evaluation of Short-Time Compensation Programs?(2002-02) and ¿The Job Search Assistance Demonstration?(97-3).New titles will be added as ETA research studies are completed. Research materials are available from the Upjohn¿s Institute web site at:
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