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What Can We Expect Under Personal Reemployment Accounts? Predictions and Procedures (2004)

On January 7, 2003, President Bush unveiled his economic stimulus plan, which included the proposed establishment of Personal Reemployment Accounts (PRAs). The goal of PRAs is to provide unemployed workers who are likely to exhaust their unemployment insurance (UI) benefits with additional assistance and incentives to help them get back to work sooner. This study addresses important questions and issues to consider for implementing Personal Reemployment Account (PRAs). As a result, it can serve as a useful tool for ETA staff and state and local administrators. This study draws on research from a variety of sources to address issues related to implementation of the proposed PRAs. It addresses three broad questions about PRAs: (1) What are the likely impacts of the reemployment bonus feature of the PRAs on the recipients?; (2) How could states and local areas set the amount and decide who would receive an offer?; and (3) What procedures could local areas use to offer the PRAs and manage and monitor the use of the accounts?


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