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Business as Partner and Customer under WIA: A Study of Innovative Practices (2004)

This report documents observations and findings from the Evaluation of the Implementation of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), including efforts to better engage employers in all aspects of workforce development. It outlines several local areas' efforts to more effectively meet the employment-related needs of both job seekers and businesses by making the business community the One-Stop system's primary customer. Key practices that effectively involve businesses in all aspects of One-Stop operations through partnerships and the use of business services, including innovative new partnerships with Chambers of Commerce and economic development agencies, are highlighted as are examples of effective practices for recruiting and retaining active and able business members on their Workforce Investment Boards. The paper also describes crucial elements for forging successful business partnerships, practices for providing high-quality business services, strategies to ensure that business involvement is successful overall, and, finally, suggestions from local sites for changing the Workforce Investment Act and related workforce development programs.


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