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Series # :  ETAOP 2013-21
Title :  Five-Year Research and Evaluation Strategic Plan Program Years 2012-2017
Release Year :  2013
Abstract : 

Section 171 of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 requires the Secretary of Labor to submit, every two years, a plan that describes demonstration and pilot, multiservice, research and multistate projects that focus on priorities for the Department of Labor concerning employment and training for the five-year period following the plan.  This plan provides a strategic vision for research efforts based on input from States, localities, and other interested parties. The Five-Year Research and Evaluation Strategic Plan for 2012-2017 is comprised of five chapters: 1) Role of the plan in informing the decision-making process for carrying out research and evaluation; 2) Significant recently completed research and evaluation projects conducted in the years from 2005-2010; 3) Current and ongoing research and evaluation efforts; 4) Recommendations for five high priority topic areas for research; and 5) Summary of the role of the plan.

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1. Employment and Training Administration
  Author(s): Office of Policy Development, and Reserach
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