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Trinity Industries, Incorporated, Plant No. 102, Greenville, PA; Notice of Negative Determination on Reconsideration [12/23/1999]

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Volume 64, Number 246, Page 72106



Employment and Training Administration

Trinity Industries, Incorporated, Plant No. 102, Greenville, PA; 
Notice of Negative Determination on Reconsideration

    By letter of August 17, 1999, United States Automobile, Aerospace, 
Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), Local No. 1653, 
requested administrative reconsideration of the Department's denial of 
Eligibility for Worker Adjustment Assistance, applicable to workers and 
former workers of the subject firm.
    The Department initially denied TAA to workers of Trinity 
Industries, Incorporated, Plant No. 102, Greenville, Pennsylvania 
because the criterion (3) of the worker group eligibility requirement 
of Section 222 of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended, was not met. 
Employment increased from 1997 to 1998. Layoffs at the plant were 
attributable to the company's decision to transfer production of cement 
cars from the Greenville plant to another domestic facility. Although 
the petitioners alleged that Trinity imported railcars, the 
investigation revealed that the railcars produced by Trinity offshore 
served foreign markets and were not returned to the United States for 
marketing to the subject firm's customers.
    The UAW request for reconsideration states that worker layoffs 
continue at the Greenville plant; the company has built production 
facilities in foreign locations and those products may be coming into 
the U.S.
    On petition reconsideration, the Department contacted Trinity 
officials to determine if layoffs occurred after June 30, 1999, the 
expiration date of the TAA certification, TA-W-33,544, covering all 
workers separated from Trinity Industries, Incorporated, Plant #102-
Railcar Division, Greenville, Pennsylvania. The Department also asked 
if Trinity in importing any products like or directly competitive with 
those that were produced at the Greenville, Pennsylvania plant.
    The company confirms that workers have been separated since June 
30, 1999. Those layoffs were caused by senior employees returning to 
    The company reiterates that the gondola cars built in Mexico serve 
that market. Grain cars are being delivered from Mexico to a U.S. 
customer. Since workers at the Greenville plant no longer produce grain 
cars, any worker separations caused as the result of those imports 
would be covered by TA-W-33,544.


    After reconsideration, I affirm the original notice of negative 
determination of eligibility to apply for worker adjustment assistance 
for workers and former workers of Trinity Industries, Inc., Greenville, 

    Signed at Washington, D.C., this 14th day of September 1999.
Grant D. Beale,
Program Manager, Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance.
[FR Doc. 99-33320 Filed 12-22-99; 8:45 am]


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