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Series # :
  RERS 1999
Title :
  Testing and Assessment: An Employer's Guide to Good Practices
Release Date :
Abstract :
  The Employment and Training Administration has published the first in a series of Testing and Assessment Guides: "An Employer's Guide to Good Practices". This Guide can help managers and workforce development professionals understand and use employment testing and assessment practices to meet their organization's human resource goals. It conveys the essential concepts of employment testing in easy-to-understand terms enabling managers and professionals to: evaluate and select assessment tools and procedures that maximize chances for getting the right fit between jobs and employees; administer and score assessment tools for their particular needs; interpret assessment results; and understand the professional and legal standards to be followed when conducting personnel assessments.

Publication Author(s)
Department of Labor
  • Syed Saad
  • Gary W. Carter
  • Mark Rothenber
  • Enid Israelson
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