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Series # :
  RERS 1992
Title :
  Report on Policy Academy on Families and Children at Risk
Release Date :
Abstract :
  In 1989, the Council of Governors' Policy Advisors (CGPA) received funding for its State Policy Academy on Families and Children At Risk. This Academy was designed to support state governments in their attempts to improve family well-being. This report describes the results achieved by the 10 Family Academy states and offers specific guidance to others who wish to make similar efforts. Chapter One introduces the problem, describes the Family Academy, and outlines a family-policy framework. Chapter Two summarizes state results. Chapter Three discusses several pitfalls of collaborative, strategic policy development and gives examples of how states overcame them. Chapter Four offers guidelines for effective results in collaborative, strategic policy development and implementation.

Publication Author(s)
Council on Governor's Policy Advisors
  • Judith K. Chynoweth
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