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  RERS 1999
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  America and the New Economy
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  This monograph is both an intellectual map and a guide to action in the new economic environment. It describes a new economy founded on a new set of competitive standards that have transformed organizations, economic cycles, jobs and skill requirements. This monograph is about the real economy of organizations, people and technology, not the statistical economy so often reported in second hand data. Overall estimates on the movement of interest rates, trade and budget deficits, job creation and other economic aggregates provide useful indices of our economic progress but tell us little about what works on the job. The dizzy heightsofstatisticalabstractionaretoofarremovedfromthedailyoperations of the real economy to be of significant help to decision makers inside the workplace. Our accustomed indices of economic change are incomplete because they rely on information gathered from the outside looking in at the real economy of organizations, technology and people. Moreover, they inevitably emphasize the dead weight of past practices more than the leading edge of economic events, encouraging unwarranted comfort with the pace of our adaption to new realities.

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American Society for Training and Development
  • Anthony Carnevale
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