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  RERS 1999
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  Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services Policy Workgroup: Final Report and Recommendations
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  The Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services (WPRS) Policy Workgroup was established in January 1998. The WPRS Policy Workgroup was composed of State, Regional and Federal workforce development staff. The Policy Workgroup's charge was to examine the WPRS system as it has evolved from 1994-98 and provide recommendations to improve its quality and to make it more effective in achieving its ultimate goal -- enabling dislocated workers to find new jobs as rapidly as possible at wages comparable to their prior wages. This paper presents a list of seven recommendations concerning the future direction of the WPRS system. Incorporated in these recommendations are the opinions solicited informally from stakeholders in the workforce development system by ETA concerning the document entitled, A National Dialogue on The Unemployment Insurance Program in the Workforce Development System (1997). These recommendations address the following major topics: modeling and model use; how to profile; who and when to refer to reemployment services; what services and how many services to provide; program linkages between the Unemployment Insurance, Wagner-Peyser (Employment Service) and Dislocated Worker (JTPA Title III) programs; adequacy of funding; and communication, feedback systems, and reporting.

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Department of Labor
  • Jon C. Messenger
  • Stephen A. Wander
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