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Series # :
  ETAOP 2003-01
Title :
  Unemployment Insurance Non-Monetary policies and Practices: How Do They Affect Program Participation? A Study of 8 States
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Abstract :
  This report explores the relationship between non-monetary eligibility policies and practices and program outcomes, such as recipiency and benefit duration. Information is collected on state non-monetary eligibility legislation, policies, and practices for unemployment insurance (UI) programs in a sample of states to document across-state variation that may affect UI recipiency. Research indicates that much of the state-level variation is due to policies, practices, and processes that are not easily captured by administrative data. Thus, many of the questions explored during site visits to eight states focus on how UI operates at the ground level and how variation in UI operations helps explain some of the variation in program outcomes across states.

Publication Author(s)
Department of Labor
  • Karen Gardiner
  • Michael Fishman
  • Mary Farrell
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