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  ETAOP 2004-05
Title :
  The Workforce Investment Act after Five Years: Results from the National Evaluation of the Implementation of WIA
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  This paper presents observations and findings from the Evaluation of the Implementation of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). It describes the workforce investment system's progress and challenges in streamlining services through increased integration, universal access, individual empowerment via personal choice, state and local flexibility, performance accountability, engagement of the private sector and improvement of youth programs. It also captures information on a range of additional topics, including: WIA governance structures, partnership development and services to special populations, specifically, migrant farmworkers, the homeless, and limited-English speakers. The challenge of developing information systems for managing multiple programs and conducting monitoring and oversight of those programs is described in detail with suggestions for program administration. Outcome data for those served under the Job Training Partnership Act are compared to outcome data for those served by the revised programs under the Workforce Investment Act, with participant characteristics and services summarized and analyzed. The report highlights the monumental achievements that resulted in a "nationwide network of physical access points but also remote access to a wide array of workforce-related resources and tools." Finally, it includes an assessment of the changes proposed by the Administration for consideration during WIA reauthorization discussions and correlates these proposed changes to the ongoing challenges faced by local areas.

Publication Author(s)
Social Policy Research Associates
  • Jennifer Henderson-Frakes
  • Vinz Koller
  • Melissa Mack
  • Micheline Magnotta
  • Jeffrey Salzman
  • Andrew Wiegand
TATC Consulting
  • Gardner Carrick
  • Dan Weissbein
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