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  ETAOP 2007-14
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  The Employer as the Client: State-Financed Customized Training
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State-financed customized training programs are clear examples of employer-focused public training systems.  The programs have disparate origins, administrative arrangements, budgets, sources of funding, and program rules; however, each one views training from the perspective of an employer and sees training as an economic development enterprise.  The Employer as the Client: State-Financed Customized Training is an analysis of customized training activities funded by state governments for the years 1989-2006.  It serves as an update to ETA’s previous report on customized training that was released in 1999.  Stakeholders interested in leveraging funds from different sources to train more workers would find useful information in this report. 


The Employer as the Client: State-Financed Customized Training is intended to provide a better understanding of how and to what extent states have funded training through customized training programs.  It provides a history and background of how the programs began and evolved, along with descriptions of the programs’ size and structure, service providers, funding mechanisms, and links to economic development, colleges and the Workforce Investment Act.  The report includes an analysis of trends in total spending (by states and by region), two-page descriptions of each state, as well as a brief case study of how the program operates in the State of California. 

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  • Steve Duscha
  • Wanda Lee Graves
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