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  ETAOP 2005-06
Title :
  Net Impact Estimates for Services Provided through the Workforce Investment Act
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This paper reports on the net impacts, or “value added,” of Workforce Investment Act (WIA) services on employment, earnings, and other outcomes of interest using administrative data from seven states including Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Texas and Washington.


A quasi-experimental approach was used to estimate the net impacts of participation in WIA.  The treatment group is comprised of individuals who received core, intensive, or training services through WIA and exited from the program during a particular period of analysis.  The counterfactual is represented by a group of individuals that is carefully constructed from a population of nonparticipants.  Since the members were not randomly chosen, the latter group is referred to as the comparison group rather than a control group.

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  • Kevin Hollenbeck
  • Daniel Schroeder
  • Christopher T. King
  • Wei-Jang Huang
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