Series # :
  ETAOP 2006-08
Title :
  Anatomy of Two One-Stops
Subtitle :
  Camdenton, Missouri and Columbia, Missouri
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Abstract :

This report tracks various aspects of the transactions between One-Stop staff and clients and describes job seeker and employer experience within two One-Stops located in central Missouri, one in Camdenton and the other in Columbia.  Focus on two One-Stops permits a close examination of the flow of transactions among One-Stop staff, partner agencies, and clients, while minimizing research costs. 


The research questions that guided inquiry into the inner workings of the two One-Stop Career Centers included, but was not limited to:

  • The history of the Central Region and the Camdenton and Columbia One-Stop Career Centers;
  • An examination of data used in state and federal reporting activities;
  • Local factors that influenced the current structure and function of each One-Stop;
  • If physical layout of each One-Stop facilitates or hinders the flow of client traffic in the center and the typical service delivery process at each One-Stop;
  • The characteristics of the flow of clients entering and exiting the One-Stops; and
  • Job-seekers and employers experiences with the One-Stops.

Publication Author(s)
University of Missouri
  • Peter Mueser
  • Deanna Sharpe
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