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Series # :
  ETAOP 2009-21
Title :
  Implementing the National Fund for Workforce Solutions
Subtitle :
  The Baseline Evaluation Report
Release Date :
  December 18, 2009
Abstract :

The National Fund for Workforce Solutions is an initiative designed to build workforce partnerships rooted in industry sectors and improve labor market outcomes for both low-income individuals and employers.  The initiative is built on three promising approaches: sector initiatives, career pathways programs and workforce intermediaries.  The Department of Labor supported the effort by funding an independent evaluation.


This baseline evaluation report describes the goals, strategies, characteristics, and initial outcomes in the early stages of the initiative.  In addition, it describes how the changing political and economic conditions have begun to shape the Fund’s strategy and tactics for assisting the workforce collaboratives as they organize, train and support regional partnerships in their efforts to strengthen workforce development capacity and advocate for improvements in public and private workforce systems.

Publication Author(s)
University of Southern California
  • Manuel Pastor
University of California, Davis
  • Chris Benner
Program and Policy Insight, LLC
  • Leanne Giordono
  • Kendra Lodewick
Workforce Learning Strategies
  • Barbara Baran
  • Stephen Michon
  • Suzanne Teegarden
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