Series # :
  ETAOP 2011-1
Title :
  Evaluation of SchoolDistrict-Based Strategies for Reducing Youth Involvement in Gangs and Violent Crime
Release Date :
  March 2, 2011
Abstract :
  In 2007, the Employment and Training Administration provided funding to five school districts to improve services to youth who are involved, have been involved or are at risk of involvement with gangs or the juvenile justice system. A variety of educational, employment, and violence prevention programs and strategies were developed and designed to increase academic performance, lower the involvement of drop-outs and reduce involvement in crime and gangs. The Evaluation of School District-Based Strategies for Reducing Youth Involvement in Gangs and Violent Crime report summarizes findings that cover several key areas for improving services: community context, school district characteristics, in-school and out-of-school youth service models, and program outcomes. The goals of the evaluation were to document prevention and intervention strategies, assess partnership models, document outcomes, and identify successful strategies, challenges and lessons learned.

Publication Author(s)
Social Policy Research Associates
  • Leufren Jill
  • Sukey Soukamneuth
  • Anna Rubin
  • Jennifer Henderson-Frakes
  • Heather Lewis-Charp
  • Foley Kimberly
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