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  OWSOP 89-1
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  The Secretary's Seminars on Unemployment Insurance
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  During 1988, a series of Secretary?s Seminars on Unemployment Insurance were held at the U.S. Department of Labor under the sponsorship of Secretary of Labor Ann McLaughlin. These seminars, which were attended by representatives of business, labor, and the general public, examined research on three important UI policy issues. The first seminar, held on June 27, 1988, addressed the widening gap between total and insured unemployment. The second seminar, held on September 29, 1988, explored the tradeoffs between the income maintenance and reemployment goals of the UI system as they pertain to choosing potential UI duration policies. The third seminar, held on October 20, 1988, examined alternative uses of unemployment insurance?in particular, how the reemployment of claimants might be fostered, with discussion of a series of demonstrations of such initiatives. The three papers included in this volume served as background documents for the seminar participants. Following each of the papers is a brief summary of the discussion in each session. These summaries seek to provide an accurate representation of the views expressed during the seminars, although specific comments are not attributed to individual speakers. A list of participants in each seminar follows the summaries.

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Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
  • Stuart Kerachsky
  • W. Nicholson
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