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  OWSOP 89-7
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  Leadership in Appellate Administration: Successful State Unemployment Insurance Appellate Operations
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  This paper is the result of a project to document the administrative practices and procedures used in a number of States to achieve high levels of promptness in deciding unemployment insurance (UI) appeals. The project concentrated exclusively on the administration and management of the appellate process. It did not attempt to investigate the elements of a ?fair hearing? or ?due process of law?. Neither did the project attempt to develop the one best and most cost effective method of UI appeals administration. The goal of the project was to produce a resource document which would facilitate the sharing of expertise among the States? appeals administrators. This compilation of papers is that resource document. This document will describe how fifteen separate State appeals units achieve levels of appeals promptness at either the lower or higher authority levels that exceed the criteria in the Secretary?s Standard or the Desired Levels of Achievement. The fifteen States that participated in the project have willingly and candidly reported what they do and how it has produced the desired result, the prompt disposition of unemployment insurance appeals.

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Department of Labor
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