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  OWSOP 92-2
Title :
  Self Employment Programs for Unemployed Workers
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Abstract :
  This paper brings together four papers dealing with self-employment for the unemployed. The first chapter presents an overview of microenterprise as an employment option; a review of the Western European experience with self-employment programs for the unemployed; the two U.S. self-employment demonstration projects; and policy analysis of this issue as a policy option in the United States. This chapter was being presented at the 13th Annual Research Conference of the Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management. The second chapter is an interim report on the Massachusetts self-employment project. It has been sent to the Congress by Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin, in accordance with Section 9152 of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987. Chapter three is an interim report for the Washington self-employment project. The last chapter is a summary of the experience of the seventeen OECD-member countries who currently have self-employment for the unemployed. It relies heavily on research work done by the OECD.

Publication Author(s)
Abt Associates
  • Christopher J. Napleraia
  • Michelle L. Wood
  • Terry Johnson
  • Jan Leonard
Department of Labor
  • Stephen A. Wander
  • Jon C. Messenger
  • Douglas Scott
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