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  OWSOP 77-2
Title :
  Impact of P.L. 94-566 on Agricultural Employers and Unemployment Insurance Trust Funds in Selected States
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Abstract :
  This report is second in a sequence and studies the impact of the section in the ?Unemployment Compensation Amendments of 1976? pertaining to the coverage of agricultural employment. The law specifies coverage only of establishments hiring ?10 or more workers, in 20 or more weeks or at least a $20,000 high quarter payroll?. The study of the impact of the law is based on a sample of hired workers surveyed during 1971 in fifteen states. Analysis was performed on the workers? UI coverage, the demographic, employment and migratory characteristics of the covered workers and the impact of the law on the economic welfare of beneficiaries.

Publication Author(s)
University of Delaware
  • L. Graham
  • G. Joachim Elterich
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