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  OWSOP 78-1
Title :
  The Federal Supplemental Benefits Program: National Experience and the Impact of P.L. 95-19
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  The objectives of this report are to: provide a background to the enactment of PL 95-19; summarize the major aspects of PL 95-19 and to relate it to the Emergency Compensation Act of 1974, which established the FSB program; describe the national experience under the FSB program; describe the characteristics of FSB recipients; and evaluate the impact of PL 95-19 on various aspects of the FSB program, in particular, the number of claimants, the benefits paid, and the number of denials. This report is divided into six sections. In Section II, the principle findings of this report are summarized. In Section III, the legislative history of PL 95-19 and its relationship to the Emergency Compensation Act of 1974 is discussed. In Section IV, a summary of the history and costs of the FSB program from its inception through August 1977 is presented. In Section V, the characteristics of FSB recipients in a selected number of states are described. Finally, in Section VI, the empirical evidence of the impact of P 95-19 is identified.

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SRI International
  • Henry Felder
  • Richard W. West
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