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  OWSOP 79-3
Title :
  Labor Market Experiences of Unemployment Insurance Exhaustees
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Abstract :
  This is the third in a series of reports based on the Arizona Benefit Adequacy Study. The first two reports focused on measurement of the differing degrees of benefit adequacy achieved under the prevailing and certain hypothetical benefit formulas, and on the types of magnitudes of adjustments undertaken by the insured unemployed during their compensated spells of unemployment. In this report the labor market experiences of those who exhausted their entitlements to all UI benefits are analyzed over the 24 week period following benefit exhaustion. Emphasized in this report are the labor force status of exhaustees during this period, changes in sources/amounts of exhaustee household income and selected adjustments undertaken by exhaustees and other members of their households as a result of benefit exhaustion. The principal findings of the study are provided prior to the main body of the text. In addition, a very detailed summary of the entire study has been included as the sixth chapter of the report.

Publication Author(s)
Arizona State University
  • Paul L.. Burgess
  • Jerry Kingston
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