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  OWSOP 2000-01
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  Unemployment Insurance in the One-Stop System
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  DOL funded Social Policy Research Associates (SPR) to evaluate the existing linkages between UI and One-Stop systems in a sample of states and local areas that had relatively well-established One-Stop systems. The specific goals of this study were the following: describe the current connections between UI and One-Stop systems; assess these connections from the perspectives of: UI and One-Stop staff, claimants and employers; determine the factors that facilitated and inhibited connections between UI and One-Stop systems; and recommend policies and practices to improve connections. To asses the current connections between UI and One-Stop systems, we conducted case studies of eight states and eight local areas. From among the states that implemented One-Stop systems early, we selected the sample of eight states that varied by the method of taking initial claims (in person or by telephone) and the level of connectivity between UI and One-Stop systems. The local areas were chosen from nominations by state UI and One-Stop directors. We conducted telephone interviews with state UI and One-Stop directors to obtain their perspectives of both systems. We then conducted in-depth, 3-day site visits to each local areas. We interviewed administrative and line staff of both the UI and One-Stop systems, observed some reemployment services, and conducted focus groups with staff, claimants and employers. This study does not seek to determine the relative benefits of in-person and telephone claims methods. Rather, it assesses the types of connections that do exist, their effectiveness in making a connection, the reasons why states have made their choices, and finally identifies areas where connections may be improved. Since telephone initial claim systems and their interface with reemployment services are quite new and likely to grow in importance, the study?s recommendations tend to emphasize elements of potential improvement in telephone systems.

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Social Policy Research Associates
  • Katherine P. Dickinson
  • Ruth Fedrau
  • Melissa Lazarin
  • Jeffrey Salzman
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