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OWSOP 99-2 Unemployment Insurance Claimant Satisfaction Study 1999 Marcus, Steven S. Bardsley & Neidhart, Inc.
OWSOP 99-1 Dynamic Models of Unemployment Insurance Benefit Receipt: Survival Rate Analysis Report 1999 Johnson, Terry Battelle
OWSOP 92-4 UI Research Exchange 1992 Department of Labor
OWSOP 92-6 The Washington Reemployment Bonus Experiment Final Report 1992 Spiegelman, Robert G. W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
OWSOP 79-3 Labor Market Experiences of Unemployment Insurance Exhaustees 1979 Burgess, Paul L.. Arizona State University
OWSOP 99-3 Unemployment Insurance Research: An Annotated Bibliography 1999 Department of Labor
OWSOP 98-5 Essays on Interstate Competition in the Unemployment Insurance System 1998 Department of Labor
OWSOP 87-2 Short-time Compensation: A Handbook of Basic Source Material 1987 Johnson, Ester Department of Labor
OWSOP 87-1 An Analysis of UI Trust Fund Adequacy 1987 ICF Incorporated
The Urban Institute
OWSOP 86-6 Measuring Structural Unemployment 1986 Wadner, Stephen A. Department of Labor
OWSOP 86-5 Fifty Years of Unemployment Insurance--A Legislative History: 1935-1985 1986 Department of Labor
OWSOP 86-4 An Evaluation of Short-time Compensation Programs 1986 Hershey, Alan Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 86-3 An Evaluation of the Federal Supplemental Compensation Program 1986 Nicholson, W. Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 85-5 Beginning the Unemployment Insurance Program -- An Oral History 1985 Cooper, Evangeline Department of Labor
OWSOP 86-2 Unemployment Insurance Research Bibliography 1986 Harvey, Norman Department of Labor
OWSOP 86-1 Alternative Uses of Unemployment Insurance 1986 Harvey, Norman Department of Labor
OWSOP 79-5 Unemployment Compensation in Varying Phases of Joblessness 1979 Ishikawa, Mamoru Department of Labor
OWSOP 79-4 An Evaluation of Current and Alternative Methods of Determining Exhuastion Ratios 1979 Sperber, Carolyn Department of Labor
OWSOP 79-2 The Impact of Unemployment Insurance Benefits on Local Economies--Tucson 1979 Denzau, Arthur T. The University of Arizona
OWSOP 79-1 A Statistical Evaluation of the Impact of Disqualification Provisions of State Unemployment Insurance Laws 1979 Felder, Henry SRI International
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