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ETAOP 2013-06 Investing in Labor–Market Information (LMI): A Summary of the State LMI Improvement Grants Final Report 2013 Berk, Jillian Mathematica Policy Research, Inc
ETAOP 2013-05 Investing in Labor–Market Information (LMI): Insights from the Recovery Act LMI Grants Final Report 2013 Bernstein, Lauren Mathematica Policy Research, Inc
ETAOP 2013-04 Evaluation of the H-2A Alien Labor Certification Process and the United States Farm Labor Market 2013 Martin, Philip KRA Corporation
ETAOP 2013-03 Evaluation of the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP): Process and Outcomes Study Final Report 2013 Berk, Jillian Social Policy Research Associates
ETAOP 2013-02 Evaluation of Waivers Granted Under WIA Final Report 2013 English, Brittany Mathematic Policy Research
ETAOP 2013-01 Evaluation of Waivers Granted Under WIA: Profiles of 12 Sites Final Interim Report 2013 English, Brittany Mathematic Policy Research
ETAOP 2012-14 Evaluation of Waivers Granted Under WIA: Finding from Interviews with 20 States Final Interim Report 2012 Berk, Jillian Mathematic Policy Research
ETAOP 2012-13 Green Jobs and Career Pathways: An Arranged Marriage in Service to a 21st-Century Workforce Development System 2012 Scully-Russ, Ellen, Ed.D. The George Washington University
ETAOP 2012-12 The Employment Service in Rural North Carolina: Insights from the “Great Recession” 2012 Quinterno, John South by North Strategies, Ltd.
ETAOP 2012-11 Job Content and Skill Requirements in an Era of Accelerated Diffusion of Innovation: Modeling Skills at the Detailed Work Activity (DWA) Level for Operational Decision Support 2012 Anderberg, Marc SkillsNET Foundation
ETAOP 2012-10 An Effectiveness Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Registered Apprenticeship in 10 States 2012 Kleinman, Rebecca Mathematic Policy Research
ETAOP 2012-09 Evaluation of the Re-Integration of Ex-Offenders (RExO) Program: Interim Report 2012 Foley, Kimberly Social Policy Research Associates
OWSOP 83-1 An Analysis of UI Recipients' Unemployment Spells 1983 Corson, W. Capital Research Corporation
ETAOP 2012-08 Impact of the Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) Initiative 2012 Benus, Jacob IMPAQ International, LLC
ETAOP 2012-07 Green Jobs and Health Care Implementation 2012 Bill, Nick IMPAQ International, LLC
ETAOP 2012-06 Improving the Effectiveness of Individual Training Accounts: Long-Term Findings from an Experimental Evaluation of Three Service Delivery Models 2012 Moore, Quinn Mathematica Policy Research, Inc
ETAOP 2012-05 Process Evaluation and Outcomes Analysis: Twin Cities RISE! Performance-Based Training and Education Demonstration Project Final Report 2012 Antkowiak, Bernard Coffey Consulting, LLC
ETAOP 2012-04 Innovative Programs and Promising Practices: Indian and Native American Summer Youth Employment Initiatives and the 2009 Recovery Act 2012 Berman, Jacqueline Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2012-03 Beyond a Summer Work Experience: The Recovery Act 2009 Post-Summer Youth Employment Initiative 2012 Holcomb, Pamela Mathematica Policy Research, Inc
ETAOP 2012-02 Using TANF Funds to Support Subsidized Youth Employment: The 2010 Summer Youth Employment Initiative 2012 Derr, Michelle Mathematica Policy Research, Inc
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