There have been reports of phone calls made from a Department of Labor phone number (202-693-2700) soliciting personal information and/or promising funds to those receiving the calls. These calls were not authorized by the Department of Labor. ETA and the Department of Labor do not and will not solicit Personally Identifiable Information, such as your Social Security number, or other personal information, over the phone. If you receive a call like this from a number that looks like an ETA phone number, consider it a spam call, hang up, and report the call to the US Department of Labor at 1-855-522-6748.

For more information about how to recognize spam calls, please reference the IRS site about recognizing these imposter calls: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/how-to-know-its-really-the-irs-calling-or-knocking-on-your-door-0

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OWSOP 77-2 Impact of P.L. 94-566 on Agricultural Employers and Unemployment Insurance Trust Funds in Selected States 1977 Elterich, G. Joachim University of Delaware
OWSOP 77-6 Family Support and Expenditures Survey of Unemployment Insurance Claimants in New York State, September 1972 - February 1974 1977 Entes, Ruth NY State Department of Labor
OWSOP 77-8 Job Loss, Family Living Standards, and the Adequacy of Weekly Unemployment Benefits 1977 W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
OWSOP 77-7 Development of Techniques for Evaluation of the Weekly Benefit Amount in Unemployment Insurance 1977 Department of Labor
OWSOP 77-3 Unemployment Insurance Beneficiary Job Search Behavior: What is Known and What Should be Known for Administrative Planning Purposes 1977 Department of Labor
OWSOP 77-1 Impact of Extension of Coverage to Agricultural Workers under P.L. 94-566, Their Characteristics and Economic Welfare 1977 Graham, L. University of Delaware
OWSOP 78-1 The Federal Supplemental Benefits Program: National Experience and the Impact of P.L. 95-19 1978 Felder, Henry SRI International
OWSOP 78-2 The Adequacy of Unemployment Insurance Benefits: An Analysis of Weekly Benefits Relative to Preunemployment Expenditure Levels 1978 Department of Labor
OWSOP 78-6 The Adequacy of Unemployment Insurance Benefits: An Analysis of Adjustments Undertaken Through Thirteen and Twenty-Five Weeks of Unemployment 1978 Department of Labor
OWSOP 78-7 The Effect of State Laws and Economic Factors on Exhuastion Rates for Regular Unemployment Benefits: A Statistical Model 1978 Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 78-5 An Analysis of Some of the Effects of Increasing the Duration of Regular Unemployment Insurance Benefits 1978 Jennison, Christine Select Authors
OWSOP 78-8 Incidence of Federal Retirees Drawing UCFE Benefits, 1974-75 1978 Benenson, L. Department of Labor
OWSOP 79-1 A Statistical Evaluation of the Impact of Disqualification Provisions of State Unemployment Insurance Laws 1979 Felder, Henry SRI International
OWSOP 79-3 Labor Market Experiences of Unemployment Insurance Exhaustees 1979 Burgess, Paul L.. Arizona State University
OWSOP 79-5 Unemployment Compensation in Varying Phases of Joblessness 1979 Ishikawa, Mamoru Department of Labor
OWSOP 79-4 An Evaluation of Current and Alternative Methods of Determining Exhuastion Ratios 1979 Sperber, Carolyn Department of Labor
OWSOP 79-2 The Impact of Unemployment Insurance Benefits on Local Economies--Tucson 1979 Denzau, Arthur T. The University of Arizona
OWSOP 80-3 Effect of Unemployment Insurance on Duration of Unemployment: A Study Based on CWBH Data for Florida 1980 Maddala, G. University of Florida
Florida State University
OWSOP 80-4 Benefit Adequacy and UI Program Costs: Simulations with Alternative Weekly Benefit Formulas 1980 Department of Labor
OWSOP 80-1 Unemployment Insurance and Proliferation of Other Income Protection Programs for Experienced Workers 1980 Ishikawa, Mamoru Department of Labor
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