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ETAOP 2016-03 Providing Public Workforce Services to Job Seekers: Implementation Findings on the WIA Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs 2016 Corporation for a Skilled Workforce
Social Policy Research Associates
Mathematica Policy Research
ETAOP 2008-08 Project GATE 2008 Kahvecioglu, Daver IMPAQ International, LLC
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2005-14 Programs to Support Out-of-School Youth 2005 American University and Urban Institute
RERS 1992 Profiling the Literacy Proficiencies of JTPA and ES/UI Populations: Final Report to the Department of Labor 1992 Campbell, Anne Educational Testing Service
ETAOP 2003-02 Profiling UI Claimants to Allocate Reemployment Services: Evidence and Recommendations for States 2003 Piesca, Miana University of Western Ontario
University of Maryland
Syracuse University
ETAOP 2008-14 Process Evaluation of the Demand-Side Youth Offender Demonstration Project (Phase II) 2008 McNeil Education, Training and Research
ETAOP 2012-05 Process Evaluation and Outcomes Analysis: Twin Cities RISE! Performance-Based Training and Education Demonstration Project Final Report 2012 Antkowiak, Bernard Coffey Consulting, LLC
ETAOP 2011-08 Privatization and Employment in the Implementation of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF): A Multi-Level Analysis 2011 Butz, Adam M University of Kentucky in Lexington
ETAOP 2010-14 Preparing for Life Beyond Prison Walls - The Literacy of Incarcerated Adults Near Release 2010 Amodeo, Andrea American Institutes for Research
ETAOP 2010-12 Preparing Youth for the Future - The Literacy of America’s Young Adults 2010 Kling, Joanna American Institutes for Research
ETAOP 2010-04 Pre-Design Study for the Evaluation of Recovery Act Green Jobs, Health Care, and Other High Growth Competitive Grants White Paper 2010 A, Richard Hobbie American Institutes for Research
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2013-07 Practitioner Briefs for the Evaluation of the Labor Market Information (LMI) Improvement Grants 2013 Berk, Jillian Mathematic Policy Research
ETAOP 2013-13 Practices from the Field in Outreach to Employers and Participants in the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program 2013 Salzman, Jeffrey Social Policy Research Associates
ETAOP 2013-12 Practices from the Field for Improving Case Management and Increasing Workforce System Integration In the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program 2013 Geckeler, Christian Social Policy Research Associates
RERS 1992 Practical Guidance for Strengthening Private Industry Councils 1992 Barrett, Barbara CSR, Incorporated
ETAOP 2011-13 Policy and Low-Wage Labor Supply: A Case Study of Policy and Farm Labor Markets in New York State 2011 Nisbet, Elizabeth Rutgers University
ETAOP 2004-08 Personal Reemployment Accounts: Simulations for Planning Implementation 2004 Eberts, Randall W. W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
OWSOP 92-1 Pennsylvania Reemployment Bonus Demonstration Final Report 1992 Dunstan, S. Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2013-22 Partners, Networks, and the Economic Context for Generation II and III WIRED Grants: The Second Interim Report of the Evaluation of Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) Generations II and III 2013 Erickcek, George Public Policy Associates, Inc.
OWSOP 92-5 Papers and Materials Presented at the Unemployment Insurance Expert System Colloqium, June 1991 1992 Department of Labor
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