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ETAOP 2004-10 Youth Offender Demonstration Project Process Evaluation Final Report: Round Two 2004 Jenks, Stephen S. Select Authors
ETAOP 2004-11 Unemployment Insurance: Assessment of the Impact of the 2002 Reed Act Distribution - Final Report : Final Report - Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis 2004 National Association of State Workforce Agencies
Booz | Allen | Hamiltion
Decern Consulting
Center for Employment Security Education and Research
ETAOP 2004-07 The Quantum Opportunity Program Demonstration-Initial Post-Intervention Impacts 2004 Rodriguez-Planas, Nuria Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2004-08 Personal Reemployment Accounts: Simulations for Planning Implementation 2004 Eberts, Randall W. W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
ETAOP 2005-11 The Labor Market Effects of Globalization and Trade Adjustment Assistance 2005 Johnson, George E. University of Michigan
ETAOP 2005-15 Community College Training and the Workforce Investment System 2005 Leigh, Duane E. Washington State University
ETAOP 2005-06 Net Impact Estimates for Services Provided through the Workforce Investment Act 2005 Hollenbeck, Kevin Multiple Organizations
ETAOP 2005-01 The Workforce Investment Act in Eight States 2005 Barnow, Burt S. Johns Hopkins University
University of Texas at Austin
ETAOP 2005-08 Use of Experimental Methods in Workforce Evaluation 2005 Greenberg, David H. University of Maryland
Brookings Institution
ETAOP 2005-12 Systemic Disincentive Effects of the Unemployment Insurance Program 2005 The Urban Institute
ETAOP 2005-09 On the Use of Administrative Data for Workforce Development Program Evaluation 2005 Hollenbeck, Kevin W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
ETAOP 2005-07 Workforce Development in Rural Areas : Changes in Access, Service Delivery and Partnerships 2005 Goger, Annelies Social Policy Research Associates
ETAOP 2005-04 Trend and Cycle Analysis of Unemployment Insurance and the Employment Service 2005 Woodbury, Stephen W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
The Urban Institute
ETAOP 2005-13 Older Workers and the Labor Market/Labor Market Policies for the Older Worker 2005 Steinmeier, Thomas L. Texas Tech University
Dartmouth College
ETAOP 2005-10 Immigration and the Effects on the U.S. Labor Market (1960–2000) 2005 Borjas, George J. Harvard University
ETAOP 2005-14 Programs to Support Out-of-School Youth 2005 American University and Urban Institute
ETAOP 2005-16 Evaluation of the WIA Performance Measurement System : Survey Report 2005 Social Policy Research Associates
ETAOP 2005-02 The Evaluation of the Individual Training Account / Eligible Training Provider Demonstration 2005 Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Social Policy Research Associates
Department of Labor
ETAOP 2005-03 The Effects of Customer Choice: First Findings from the Individual Training Account Experiment 2005 Pearlman, Jessica Social Policy Research Associates
KRA Corporation
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2005-05 The Next Generation of Workforce Development Project: A Six-State Policy Academy to Enhance the Connections Between Workforce and Economic Development Policy 2005 Simon, Martin National Governors Associaton Center for Best Practices
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