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ETAOP 2010-08 Growing America Through Entrepreneurship: Final Evaluation of Project GATE 2010 Benus, Jacob IMPAQ International, LLC
ETAOP 2013-16 Green Jobs and Health Care Implementation Study Final Report 2013 Corea, Carolyn IMPAQ International
ETAOP 2012-07 Green Jobs and Health Care Implementation 2012 Bill, Nick IMPAQ International, LLC
ETAOP 2012-13 Green Jobs and Career Pathways: An Arranged Marriage in Service to a 21st-Century Workforce Development System 2012 Scully-Russ, Ellen, Ed.D. The George Washington University
ETAOP 2009-6 Giving Ex-Offenders a Choice in Life : First Findings from the Beneficiary Choice Demonstration 2009 Bellotti, Jeanne Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2010-13 Gaining the Skills for Employment - The Literacy of Female Public Assistance Recipients 2010 Amodeo, Andrea American Institutes for Research
RERS 1994 From the Farm to the Job Market: A Guide to Employment and Training Services for Farmers and Ranchers 1994 D'Amico, Ronald D. Social Policy Research Associates
Berkeley Planning Associates
ETAOP 2008-09 Flexible Learning Options for Adult Students 2008 Choitz, Vickie FutureWorks and Jobs for the Future
ETAOP 2007-04 Five-Year Research, Demonstration and Evaluation Strategic Plan for 2007-2012 2007 Employment and Training Administration
OWSOP 94-1 First Impact Analysis of the Washington State Self-employment and Enterprise Development (SEED) Demonstration 1994 Benus, Jacob M. Abt Associates
ETAOP 2011-16 Findings from a Study of One-Stop Self-Services: A Case-Study Approach 2011 D'Amico, Ronald D. Social Policy Research Associates
RERS 1993 Finding One's Way: Career Guidance for Disadvantaged Youth 1993 Allum, Keith R. Public/Private Ventures
ETAOP 2014-01 Final Report Evaluation of the STEM Initiative 2014 Kogan, Deborah Social Policy Research Associates
OWSOP 86-5 Fifty Years of Unemployment Insurance--A Legislative History: 1935-1985 1986 Department of Labor
OWSOP 77-6 Family Support and Expenditures Survey of Unemployment Insurance Claimants in New York State, September 1972 - February 1974 1977 Entes, Ruth NY State Department of Labor
OWSOP 94-2 Extended Benefit Triggers 1994 Rangarajan, Anu Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2015-09 Exploring the Role and Adoption of Technology-based Training and Employment Services 2016 Brooke, Nicole Abt Associates, Inc.
ETAOP 2017-01 Experiences of Three States in Developing Social Media Strategies for Employment Assistance Programs 2017 Hamadyk, Jill Abt Associates
RERS 1997 Experiences and Lessons of the School-to-Work/Youth Apprenticeship Demonstration 1997 Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 89-6 Experience Rating in Unemployment Insurance: Some Current Issues 1989 Vroman, Wayne The Urban Institute
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