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RERS 2001 Summary of the National Job Corps Study 2001 Jackon, Russell H. Decision Information Resources, Inc.
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2010-17 Survival Literacy Training for Non-Native-English-Speaking Workers 2010 Bruno, Lee American Institutes for Research
ETAOP 2005-12 Systemic Disincentive Effects of the Unemployment Insurance Program 2005 The Urban Institute
RERS 1993 Teaching the SCANS Competencies 1993 Department of Labor
RERS 1998 Technical Assistance Guide: Providing Educational Services in the Summer Youth Employment and Training Program 1998 Department of Labor
RERS 2001 Testing Different Methods of Estimating the Impacts of Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services Systems 2001 Olsen, Robert B. Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
RERS 1999 Testing and Assessment: An Employer's Guide to Good Practices 1999 Carter, Gary W. Department of Labor
RERS 2000 Tests and Other Assessments: Helping You Make Better Career Decisions 2000 Department of Labor
OWSOP 78-6 The Adequacy of Unemployment Insurance Benefits: An Analysis of Adjustments Undertaken Through Thirteen and Twenty-Five Weeks of Unemployment 1978 Department of Labor
OWSOP 78-2 The Adequacy of Unemployment Insurance Benefits: An Analysis of Weekly Benefits Relative to Preunemployment Expenditure Levels 1978 Department of Labor
RERS 1997 The Aging Baby Boom: Implications for Employment and Training Programs 1997 Nightingale, Demetra Smith The Urban Institute
OWSOP 95-3 The Alternative Base Period in Unemployment Insurance: Final Report 1995 Vroman, Wayne The Urban Institute
ETAOP 2009-12 The Benefits and Challenges of Registered Apprenticeship : The Sponsors' Perspective 2009 Chambers, Kate The Urban Institute
ETAOP 2013-09 The Benefits and Costs of the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program Under the 2002 Amendments 2013 Dolfin, Sarah Mathematic Policy Research
ETAOP 2006-04 The Challenge of Repeating Success in a Changing World : Final Report on the Center for Employment Training Replication Sites 2006 Abe, Yasuyo MDRC
OWSOP 91-3 The Cyclical Effects of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program 1991 Dunson, Bruce H. Metrica, Inc
OWSOP 91-2 The Decline in Unemployment Insurance Claims Activity in the 1980s 1991 Vroman, Wayne The Urban Institute
ETAOP 2011-14 The Effect of Continuing Education Participation on Agricultural Worker Outcomes 2011 Pena, Anita Alves Colorado State University
OWSOP 78-7 The Effect of State Laws and Economic Factors on Exhuastion Rates for Regular Unemployment Benefits: A Statistical Model 1978 Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 85-4 The Effect of the Duration of Unemployment Benefits on Work Incentives: An Analysis of Four Data Sets 1985 Moffitt, Robert Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
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