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ETAOP 2010-12 Preparing Youth for the Future - The Literacy of America’s Young Adults 2010 Kling, Joanna American Institutes for Research
ETAOP 2010-13 Gaining the Skills for Employment - The Literacy of Female Public Assistance Recipients 2010 Amodeo, Andrea American Institutes for Research
ETAOP 2010-16 Workers in Declining Industries - Literacy’s Role in Worker Transitions 2010 Bruno, Lee American Institutes for Research
ETAOP 2011-1 Evaluation of SchoolDistrict-Based Strategies for Reducing Youth Involvement in Gangs and Violent Crime 2011 Henderson-Frakes, Jennifer Social Policy Research Associates
ETAOP 2011-02 The Implementation Evaluation of the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Demonstration (2009) 2011 Pisciotta, Caterina Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2011-03 Evaluation of the Priority of Service Provision of the Jobs for Veterans Act by the Workforce Investment System in Providing Service to Veterans 2011 Barnow, Burt S. Capital Research Corporation
ETAOP 2011-04 Workforce System One-Stop Services for Public Assistance and Other Low-Income Populations: Lessons Learned in Selected States 2011 Montiel, Lisa M The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government
ETAOP 2011-05 Analysis of Associations between Contemporaneous Job Corps Performance Measures and Impact Estimates from the National Job Corps Study 2011 Fortson, Jane Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2011-06 Early Implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Workforce Development and Unemployment Insurance Provisions Interim Report 2011 Barnow, Burt S. National Association of State Workforce Agencies
ETAOP 2011-07 Evaluation of the Technology-Based Learning Grants Interim Report 2011 Estrella, Rachel Social Policy Research Associates
ETAOP 2011-10 Workforce Investment Act Training for Older Workers: Toward a Better Understanding of Older Worker Needs during the Economic Recovery 2011 Zhang, Ting George Mason University
ETAOP 2011-14 The Effect of Continuing Education Participation on Agricultural Worker Outcomes 2011 Pena, Anita Alves Colorado State University
ETAOP 2011-13 Policy and Low-Wage Labor Supply: A Case Study of Policy and Farm Labor Markets in New York State 2011 Nisbet, Elizabeth Rutgers University
ETAOP 2011-11 Earnings Progression Among Workforce Development Participants: Evidence from Washington State 2011 Chrisinger, Colleen K University of Oregon
ETAOP 2011-12 Ensuring the Quality of Training Providers under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) 2011 Eyster, Lauren George Washington University
ETAOP 2011-08 Privatization and Employment in the Implementation of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF): A Multi-Level Analysis 2011 Butz, Adam M University of Kentucky in Lexington
ETAOP 2011-09 Does Occupational Training by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program Really Help Reemployment?: Success Measured as Matching 2011 Park, Jooyoun Kent State University
ETAOP 2011-15 Examining a New Model for Prisoner Re-Entry Services: The Evaluation Of Beneficiary Choice 2011 Bellotti, Jeanne Mathematica Policy Research, Inc
ETAOP 2011-16 Findings from a Study of One-Stop Self-Services: A Case-Study Approach 2011 D'Amico, Ronald D. Social Policy Research Associates
ETAOP 2011-17 Evaluation of the Career Advancement Accounts Demonstration Project: An Implementation Study 2011 Harvey, Sandra Social Policy Research Associates
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