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ETAOP 2005-11 The Labor Market Effects of Globalization and Trade Adjustment Assistance 2005 Johnson, George E. University of Michigan
RERS 1991 The Learning Disabled in Employment and Training Programs 1991 Nightingale, Demetra Smith The Urban Institute
RERS 1999 The Lifelong Learning Demonstration: Final Evaluation Report on the Experimental Site 1999 Burron, Larry Abt Associates
RERS 1993 The National JTPA Study: Title II-A Impacts on Earnings And Employment at 18 Months 1993 Bell, Stephen H. Abt Associates
OWSOP 91-1 The New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Re-Employment Demonstration Project Follow-Up Report 1991 Anderson, Patricia M. Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 95-2 The New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Reemploymet Demonstration Project: Six Year Follow-Up and Summary Report 1995 Haimson, Joshua Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2005-05 The Next Generation of Workforce Development Project: A Six-State Policy Academy to Enhance the Connections Between Workforce and Economic Development Policy 2005 Simon, Martin National Governors Associaton Center for Best Practices
ETAOP 2009-18 The Power of Partnership: American Regions Collaborating for Economic Competitiveness : 2009 Gen I WIRED Interim Evaluation Report 2009 Almandsmith, Sherry Berkeley Policy Associates
ETAOP 2004-07 The Quantum Opportunity Program Demonstration-Initial Post-Intervention Impacts 2004 Rodriguez-Planas, Nuria Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2007-05 The Quantum Opportunity Program Demonstration: Final Impacts 2007 McKie, Allison Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2003-05 The Quantum Opportunity Program Demonstration: Implementation and Short-Term Impact Reports (2003) 2003 Maxfield, Myles Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
ETAOP 2010-10 The Role of Unemployment Insurance As an Automatic Stabilizer During a Recession 2010 Vroman, Wayne IMPAQ International, LLC
OWSOP 89-1 The Secretary's Seminars on Unemployment Insurance 1989 Kerachsky, Stuart Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
RERS 1993 The St. Louis Metropolitan Re-Employment Project: An Impact Evaluation 1993 Department of Labor
ETAOP 2015-03 The Veterans' Licensing and Certification Demonstration 2015 Center for Best Practices, National Governors Association
OWSOP 92-6 The Washington Reemployment Bonus Experiment Final Report 1992 Spiegelman, Robert G. W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
OWSOP 94-4 The Worker Profiling and Reemployment Service System: Legislation, Implementation Process and Research Findings 1994 Department of Labor
ETAOP 2004-05 The Workforce Investment Act after Five Years: Results from the National Evaluation of the Implementation of WIA 2004 Henderson-Frakes, Jennifer Social Policy Research Associates
TATC Consulting
ETAOP 2005-01 The Workforce Investment Act in Eight States 2005 Barnow, Burt S. Johns Hopkins University
University of Texas at Austin
ETAOP 2003-03 The Workforce Investment Act in Eight States: Overview of Findings from a Field Network Study 2003 Barnow, Burt S. Johns Hopkins University
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