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RERS 1992 Dilemmas in Youth Employment Programming: Findings from the Youth Research and Technical Assistance Project, Volume II 1992 Brandeis University
Public/Private Ventures
OWSOP 91-4 Evaluation of the Impacts of the Washington Initative Work Search Experiment 1991 Johnson, Terry Battelle
RERS 1991 The Learning Disabled in Employment and Training Programs 1991 Nightingale, Demetra Smith The Urban Institute
RERS 1991 A Guide to High School Redirection 1991 Ciccone, Elaine Unavailable
OWSOP 91-3 The Cyclical Effects of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program 1991 Dunson, Bruce H. Metrica, Inc
RERS 1991 An Assessment of the JTPA Role in State and Local Coordination Activities 1991 Bailis, Lawrence James Bell Associates, Inc.
RERS 1991 JTPA Staffing and Staff Training at the State and SDA Levels 1991 Cook, Robert F. Macro Systems, Inc
Berkeley Planning Associates
OWSOP 91-2 The Decline in Unemployment Insurance Claims Activity in the 1980s 1991 Vroman, Wayne The Urban Institute
RERS 1991 Improving the Quality of Training Under JTPA 1991 Dickinson, Katherine P. Berkeley Planning Associates
SRI International
OWSOP 91-1 The New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Re-Employment Demonstration Project Follow-Up Report 1991 Anderson, Patricia M. Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 90-4 UI Research Exchange 1990 Department of Labor
OWSOP 90-3 A Study of Unemployment Insurance Recipients and Exhaustees: Findings from a National Survey 1990 Dynarski, Mark Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 89-2 Referral of Long-Term Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claimants to Reemployment Services, Revised Edition 1989 Irion, A. W. Macro Systems, Inc
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 89-3 New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Reemployment Demonstration Project 1989 Dunstan, S. Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 89-6 Experience Rating in Unemployment Insurance: Some Current Issues 1989 Vroman, Wayne The Urban Institute
OWSOP 89-7 Leadership in Appellate Administration: Successful State Unemployment Insurance Appellate Operations 1989 Department of Labor
OWSOP 89-1 The Secretary's Seminars on Unemployment Insurance 1989 Kerachsky, Stuart Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 89-5 An Evaluation of the Feasibility of a Substate Area Extended Benefit Program 1989 Allin, Susan Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
OWSOP 88-1 Work Search Among Unemployment Insurance Claimants: An Investigation of Some Effects of State Rules and Enforcement 1988 Kerachsky, Stuart Department of Labor
OWSOP 88-2 UI Research Exchange 1988 Department of Labor
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