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Series # :
  ETAOP 2016-07
Title :
  The Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration: Implementation and Early Impacts of the Next Generation of Subsidized Employment Programs
Release Date :
  November 17, 2016
Abstract :

The Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration: Implementation and Early Impacts of the Next Generation of Subsidized Employment Programs

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) held a national competition to select programs to participate in the Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration (ETJD) and its rigorous impact evaluation. The seven selected programs targeted either non-custodial parents who owed child support but were unable to pay because they were unemployed or individuals recently released from incarceration. Grantee programs were also specifically designed to address the shortcomings of previous transitional jobs programs revealed through other research. Enhancements to the seven programs fell into three general categories: 1) structural changes to the transitional job progression for program participants, 2) special support or assistance-such as short-term training in occupational skills, and 3) child support incentives to encourage participants to remain active in the program.

While the ETJD project was conceived and funded by DOL, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is also supporting the evaluation. DOL selected MDRC, with partners Abt Associates and MEF Associates, to conduct a multi-faceted evaluation of the ETJD programs using a random assignment research design. The evaluation design includes an implementation analysis, an impact analysis and a cost-benefit analysis.

This report presents findings from the implementation analysis and early findings from the impact analysis, at 12 months after random assignment.

Affiliation: MDRC, Abt Associates, MEF Associates

Authors: Cindy Redcross, Bret Barden, Dan Bloom, Joseph Broadus, Jennifer Thompson, Sonya Williams, Sam Elkin, Randall Juras, JanaƩ Bonsu, Ada Tso, Bret Barden, Barbara Fink, Whitney Engstrom, Johanna Walter, Gary Reynolds, Mary Farrell, Karen Gardiner, Randall Juras, Arielle Sherman, Melanie Skemer, Yana Kusayeva, Sara Muller-Ravett

Key Words: transitional jobs, Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration, ex-offenders, formerly incarcerated individuals, employment services for ex-offenders, formerly incarcerated individuals and non-custodial parents, random assignment evaluation of services for ex-offenders, formerly incarcerated individuals, and non-custodial parents

Publication Author(s)
Abt Associates
MEF Associates
  • Dan Bloom
  • Bret Barden
  • Cindy Redcross
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